The Knight’s Challenge By Summer Devon

I Dream of Dragons, Book 1

Samhain Publishing

Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-667-1

Reviewed by Chris



A dragon by birth, Sarkany is also able to take other forms. Right now, he’s a rather arrogant human businessman. Industrialization has made gold and jewels more difficult to gather, but there are other things that can be hoarded: money, valuable artwork, businesses, and property.  The only thing that plagues him is the guild, a secret group of modern day knights bent on killing all dragons.

Miranda Benson’s home neighborhood, Point Green, was one of the city’s casualties in Sarkany’s quest for wealth. To exact revenge, she becomes a knight. In order to get the dragon to leave, she tricks him into agreeing to her challenge. He gives up all his worldly goods in one month’s time and stays in the city, or he keeps his hoard and leaves. If he wins, however, he’ll move in with Miranda and she’ll become his toy.

Unfortunately for Miranda and Sarkany, neither realize the guild is manipulating them both.

This is a quick and sweet read with enough twists to satisfy romance and fantasy readers alike. I’m glad Summer Devon (also known as writer Kate Rothwell) chose to avoid the fated-lovers or destined-life-mates plotline so often seen in stories these days. Oh no, I’m not giving away her secret. You’ll have to read the novella to find out what triggers Sarkany’s love for Miranda.  Unique and well-developed characters, proper pacing, and a believable love story make The Knight’s Challenge an entertaining and worthwhile read.


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