The Joy of Exchanging Gifts by Angela Benedetti

Toquere Press

Sci-fi, GLBT (m/m)

Reviewed by Beth Anne



Anthropologist Lowell, is studying the Enknopans, and though he’s made a good friend of Tiklup, Lowell is excluded from an Enknopan “turning year” celebration because of the Enknopan restriction on outsider’s participation.  To participate or observe, one needs to be related to one of the Enknopans. 

To show no hard feelings for the exclusion, Lowell tries to share his Santa tradition by leaving a surprise gift for Tiklup, in a traditional Santa method.  Only issue for Lowell is the architecture of the Enknopan homes.  No windows for Santa, so Lowell uses the “house’s smoke hole” and becomes stuck in the chimney.  As Tiklup and his friends return and discover Lowell’s predicament, a delightfully sexy gift exchange commences all taking place while Lowell is still stuck in the chimney.

Do you ever just laugh out loud while reading?  The Joy of Exchanging Gifts had me alternatively laughing out loud and then just plain giggling for the naughtiness.  I know it’s a Nice Sip, but for me, Lowell and his friends are just plain naughty, in a very nice way!  The Joy of Exchanging Gifts is a hilarious, fun, sexy off-world read!!


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