Their One and Only by Trista Ann Michaels

Loose Id

Erotic Ménage Paranormal Romance

ISBN 978-1-59632-620-0

Reviewed by Nannette



Model Kaycee Alcott has been drugged and kidnapped. She awakens in a cave staring at the face of another victim of her captor. Kaycee manages to escape though. Identical twins Sam and Tyler Warren are registered psychics working for the FBI. They are asked to help find Kaycee after she is reported missing. Sam and Tyler have a very unique bond, aside from feeling each others emotions; they need to share their women. Once Tyler taps into Kaycee’s mind he recognizes that she is the one woman meant for them, so the brothers track her down and become her protectors. Kaycee struggles to heal from her ordeal while coming to terms with her feelings for the men. While Sam, Tyler and Kaycee are forming a bond, Kaycee’s stalker is forming a plan to take her back.  

In Their One and Only, two sexy cowboys claim one lucky woman. Kaycee is a sweet girl and Sam and Tyler are very hot. I couldn’t get enough of Sam and Tyler and the identity and actions of Kaycee’s stalker fascinated me. Their One and Only is a good, suspenseful story.  Note: Kaycee’s stalker’s twisted activities are sometimes graphically depicted.


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