The Ice Princess by Lillith Payne

Cobblestone Press

Historical/Viking Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60088-133-6

Reviewed by Sabella



Sigurd is having a bad day.  His ship was crippled in a tremendous storm and now he finds himself in a kingdom of ice.  However, the beautiful angel that is nursing him back to health is a gift.  The more Sigurd tries to get her into his bed the harder she resists.   But Fate has other plans for him…and when the King of the island tells Sigurd what he wants from him Sigurd needs to decide what he wants for his future.  Is it a Princess for a bride or a life out at sea…

Princess Mandara has a peaceful life working as a healer in her village and tending her crops of flowers and honey.  When a ship-full of Viking sailors wash ashore she immediately goes to lend a hand in healing them.  Taking charge of the most grievously injured – the captain, Princess Dara ends up with her hands full.  As danger approaches Dara is forced to face the possibility of entering a marriage without love.  But will she be able to win Sigurd’s love and offer her own love in return?

The Ice Princess is a historical romance that involves Vikings, greed, love and a little bit of kink.  Dara is an odd combination of assertiveness and shyness that make her difficult to understand or empathize with.  Sigurd, however, is your stereotypical Viking with a harsh and dominating attitude for women.  Dara and Sigurd make a strange combination as they each change to accommodate the other in unexpected and mind-boggling ways.  Throw in an unexpected prophesy and unlikely plot twists and you end up with a book that is interesting but not entirely engaging.  The addition of the BDSM into the relationship between Dara and Sigurd is erotic but it only serves to highlight the inconsistencies in the characters’ behavior.  The Ice Princess is not a book for a day when you are looking for an engrossing read, but a book for a day you are looking for some mindless and erotic entertainment.


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