The Hot Line by Cathryn Fox


Erotic Anthology

ISBN: 0451223055

Reviewed by Scarlet



Have you ever wondered what sexy firefighters get up to in their off hours?  The Hot Line is an escort service with the willing firemen of Station 419 satisfying every desire for a reporter, a lingerie designer and a chef.


Fever ‘Fever’

Sara Jack is in Chicago for a friend’s wedding.  Thinking to do an article about The Hot Line, she meets up with sexy Mitch Adams who seems to be more than willing to satisfy her every desire.



Jenna Powers designs lingerie.  Too bad she isn’t as self-confident about her body as she is about her designs.  Dean Beckman noticed Jenna right away when she arrived in town for his friend’s wedding.  When she calls The Hot Line it is Dean who comes to her assistance, showing her just how sexy she really is.


Flash Fire “Flash Fire’

Chef Megan Wagner harbors a desire for sexy firefighter and stationhouse cook Brady Wade.  Megan is fully prepared to have a no-strings-attached affair, but Brady wants more.


The Hot Line by Cathryn Fox is sure to be a fan favorite, sexy firefighters who are eager to please.  Who could resist that?  Dean, Brady and Mitch are heroes to raise temperatures so be prepared to have a cold drink handy.  The love scenes are well portrayed and appropriate to the story and the chemistry is off the charts.  The storylines are smooth and flowing with plenty of action to keep the reader happy.  The characters are all well fleshed out and the details vivid, enhancing the storylines at every turn.  The Hot Line makes a girl want to find a fireman of her own.


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