The Heron’s Call by Isabo Kelly

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 1-59998-489-X

Reviewed by Raine



Rowena, a sworn sword to the Aleanian, has been sent out to save one of their alliance’s oracles who is being held by a warlord. As she journeys to the warlord Dorjan’s village, Kael drops in most unexpectedly and is not welcome. Kael, a very powerful Heron (a sword mage), is needed for the journey though, whether Rowena likes it or not. And he’s hoping by accompanying Rowena on her mission he might keep her alive and might also seal the twin bond between them.

Kael and Rowena met when she was fourteen, way to early to have any kind of relationship even though they both knew it was there….now twelve years later Rowena has hardened her heart towards Kael due to the pain she endured in his staying away from her for so long.

The Heron’s Call is an amazing book! Rowena starts out as this strong independent swordswoman, but in the presence of the man who holds her heart is cold and bitter. Kael on the other hand is this charismatic guy who’s waited for the right time to claim her, knows he affects her and sets to work to melt her heart. Isabo Kelly did an amazing job at writing these characters feelings so that the reader could feel the pain of holding back and then the sheer joy when their love evolves. This story is the epitome of “…and they lived happily ever after” and should be put on everyone’s must read list.


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