The Golden Lotus by L. E. Bryce


M/M/ Fantasy

ISBN: 1-59426-759-6

Reviewed by Ley



To save his master, Prince Senesret, from being held captive after a bloody royal battle, pleasure slave Tamet offered his life to the High Prince Rahmad in exchange for his master's freedom.  Trusting in his master, Tamet believe that his captivity would not be a long one, he quickly discovered his master's loyalties to him were not as strong.  Alone in an unfamiliar land, Tamet's hurt over his masterís betrayal began to subside as he found new pleasures in the bed and at the hands of the High Prince.

The Golden Lotus was an interesting story of finding what you didn't know you wanted or craved in a place you would have never have thought to look.  Poor Tamet never wanted to leave his master but he knew he had to do something to save his life.  Senesret's actions and betrayal of Tamet proved Rahmad's initial assessment that the young prince was spoiled, selfish and lazy.  As Rahmad took to Tamet, he showed him that pleasure slaves should also receive pleasure from their masters not just give it.  In the fantasy lands of Juva and Tajhaan where multiple wives and pleasure slaves, male ones at that, were the norm, this was not what I would call a romantic story but it was a warm story of understanding and caring.


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