The Goddess Within by Amarinda Jones

The Goddess Grind, Book 1

Total-e-Bound Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-906328-28-3

Reviewed by Indy



Eavesdropping isn’t very nice but it’s beneficial when the conversation is about you. Mardi Kellar can’t believe the unknown voice is discussing her as he mentions his desire for the ‘red headed goddess’. With some heavy urging from her friends Mardi goes to meet the man behind the words. The man who happens to be the jogger she’s been lusting after for weeks. Stryker is an athlete, owner of a company and madly in love with Mardi. It doesn’t matter that they’ve just met he’s known from the time he first laid eyes on her she was the one for him. Now, all he has to do is convince Mardi she’s not only a goddess in his eyes, but also the true love of his heart.  

The dedication for this story says it all; in each and every one of us no matter our size is a Goddess waiting to emerge. The Goddess Within is a pint sized story that delivers on every page. From the uncertainty of the heroine to the loving patience of her beau there is no doubt about their devotion despite the quickness of it. I’m sure fans of Amarinda Jones will be more than pleased with her latest novella as it continues her streak of romance stories that speak to the heart as well as the libido.


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