The Fox by Gayle Eden

Alinar Publishing

Erotic Historical

Reviewed by Gracie


Blair Mitchell has a problem and she is heading to London, dressed as a man, to find a solution. Blair's parents are dead and her only living relative is her brother. Their farm is in jeopardy when the man holding the bank notes wants to collect. Blair is twenty-five, relatively plain, smart, and a virgin. Her virginity is the only thing she has to barter with, and she heads to a madam’s house. Blair is not willing to sell her virginity to the highest bidder, and the madam sends her to see The Fox, the bastard son of a French royal and his mistress.

Gabriel Wynters, The Fox, owns a successful gaming hall and is a shrewd businessman. He does not know what to expect when he sees a woman dressed in men’s clothing, but he is somewhat surprised when Blair offers him herself in order to pay her debts and save the family farm as well as her brother’s future. Gabriel is a very practical businessman and he does not make deals unless he comes out ahead, yet Blair appeals to him. Blair and Gabriel make a deal that Blair will share his bed for one night and he will pay her debts off. After their night, Gabriel is still fascinated with Blair, but he just wants her to go and leave him to his lifestyle. Blair leaves, but tells Gabriel that she will always be available for him.

Both go back to their “normal” lives. Blair goes home, but her brother cannot easily accept the choices she has made. Gabriel is in the country looking at an estate that he recently acquired when he encounters Blair. Their attraction is still as strong, and Gabriel asks Blair to be his mistress and live and work in his country estate. Blair accepts, because she knows there is no one else for her, but Gabriel refuses to make her any promises. Will Blair and Gabriel find true love or will Blair lead the life of Gabriel’s mother?

The Fox took me back to a time when a woman could not make it on her own and her only bargaining tool was herself. Blair is a strong, smart woman who will do almost anything to save her family, and when she meets Gabriel…she will do anything to be with him. Gabriel is a shrewd but fair businessman who has become jaded over the years. Blair is a breath of fresh air and he cannot get her out of his mind. Blair and Gabriel share a passion that runs very deep, but each of them has barriers that they must overcome. Their story pulled me right in. Gayle Eden has a knack for making her characters feel real. I felt so many emotions for Blair including sympathy for what she had to do, pain over the loss of her brother's feelings, and respect for her willingness to jump right in and save her matter the cost to herself. Gabriel is a good man, even if he is not sure that he deserves someone as good as Blair. He is a product of his past and he does not want to repeat the mistakes of his parents. The Fox moves along quickly and it kept me engaged all the way!! The Fox reminds me why I love historical romance and Gayle Eden writes a wonderful and romantic story!!


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