The Dragonsí Demon by Marie Harte

I Dream of Dragons I

Samhain Publishing

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-668-X

Reviewed by Jo



Taking a break from her job of helping people decide between Heaven and Hell, Eve goes for a drink with her brothers. Eve Sinclair cannot believe her ears when her brothers state that not only did they steal a dragonís egg, but a royal one at that. A prank gone bad, Eve heads out to locate the egg and return it to its nest before anyone realizes it gone. Being a higher demon, Eve cannot allow either her or her brothers to be found with the egg. Never did Eve expect the feelings that affect her the minute she picks up the egg.

Ranton is the leader of the Dragon warriors and was placed in charge of this particular egg as its guardian. Finding it not only in the arms of a demon, but happily there, Ranton decides to discover just what this demon has that the dragons would want. Ranton soon discovers what Eve has that he wants and the extremely hot sex is only part of it. Both Eve and Ranton are shaken by the instantaneous passion they experience. Ranton knows just how the dragon in the egg, his brother, will matter in the future of the dragons. After the egg brought them together, will he also stand between Ranton and Eve?

The Dragonsí Demonbrings both dragons and demons together Ė not something that usually will happen. Eve is a higher demon with a demanding job, but even she cannot allow anything happen to a defenseless dragon egg. Ranton is furious that an egg under his protection was taken from the dragon nest, but he's even more surprised when he finds it. Eve and Ranton start off circling around each other, but I was not surprised by the quickness of the passion between them. I was surprised when the egg hatched and just what changes this dragon brought to not only Eve and Ranton, but also to other characters in this mix up. The world of dragons and demons will never be the same again.  The Dragonsí Demon is a sexy look at demons and dragons that has several humorous points. If you love reading about beings of the underworld, then you will want to add The Dragonsí Demon to your library.


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