The Cotillion by Sophia Danu

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Reviewed by Jambrea



Far in the future, the men greatly outnumber the women and the No Woman Left Alone Act was passed.  This caused women to become no more than property.  Women of age are sent to an academy to teach them the fine arts of pleasure.  Once they graduate, they are ready for their Cotillion.

Kylee is preparing for her Cotillion where she will be auctioned off to a new master.  She is nervous, but ready to see what her future will bring her.

Talon is ready for a mate and likes what he sees in Kylee.  Can she bend to his will?  Will he be able to handle her?

The Cotillion is a naughty and interesting fantasy.  Sophia Danu made The Cotillion hot and sensual all at once.  Never before have I wanted to be someone’s property, but Talon can own me any day.  Ms. Danu also puts a twist at the end that will blow your mind.  I will be checking out what else Ms. Danu has to offer.


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