Nash by Michelle Hasker

The Bodyguard, Book 2

Loose ID

Urban Fantasy, Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59632-606-4

Reviewed by Barb



Nash Dupree has searched for hundreds of years for his true love. Even being a gorgeous Alpha Fae male has not helped him with his search.  Then one night he feels a strong, untrained magic that is being violently unleashed. He knows his long search is now over. Now he just has to convince his soul mate that she belongs with him.  He will do whatever it takes to hold on to her.

Victorie Duhamel is a bartender and a witch. One night she cannot control her magic and she ends up ‘introduced’ to the handsome Fae bodyguard Nash.  Only problem, he has decided she is the one for him and she feels a bit overwhelmed. But can she fight both herself and him.

The Bodyguard: Nash is an excellent continuation of The Bodyguard series by Ms. Hasker. The Bodyguard: Nash gets right to the point. Nash and Victorie have a spark that continues through the whole story. The spark continues to grow between them through the bumps in the road thrown at them. The Bodyguard: Nash is an enjoyable and steamy read.


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