The Black Rose by Skyler Grey

Red Rose Publishing

Romantic Suspense/ Romantic Adventure

ISBN: 978-1-60435-052-4

Reviewed by Indy



An innocent woman in the big city, Emily Knolls is ready to give up her quest for the city life and go back home to where she’s safe and welcomed. A week after her personal “drop dead” date brings with it the mystery of a gift. Seven roses and a note as if the person knew her most intimate thoughts. As the days pass things get scarier and Emily has no other choice but to call the police. The officer that comes to take her statement is just what a lonely woman needs. Handsome, dreamy brown eyes and a smile that melts away Emily’s loneliness, Officer Andrew Rossi enters her life just when she’d lost hope of finding a connection in the city. Too bad someone has his sights focused on Emily and isn’t so willing to allow her to find happiness in the arms of another man.

This seems to be my night for suspense and drama. In the second story of the night where women are being stalked by mad men, The Black Rose is another example of how scary fixation can become when it’s from someone wanting to cause harm. In this book, Emily is the virginal innocent from a small town needing to be saved and comforted by the knight in shining armor, i.e. Officer Rossi. This story didn’t flow quite how I would have liked; the emotional connection was a little too quick without much thought outside of one shared intimate act. I felt as if intimacy between Emily and Andrew happened pretty fast for a woman who was as innocent and vulnerable at the time. Maybe the size of the story had something to do with what I considered to be situations that didn’t mesh with the reality. Otherwise, I think Skyler Grey did a decent job that could have been great with a little more tweaking.


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