The Arrangement by Emma Wildes


Erotic Historical

ISBN: 1-59426-988-2

Reviewed by Scarlet



Rayne Talbot is being manipulated into marriage by his father.  He is furious to have to marry Serena Carlton, the daughter of his fatherís business partner.  Once his father secretly bought enough stock in Rayneís company to have controlling interest, it was easy to maneuver him into marriage and impregnating the girl. 

Serena, on the other hand, decides if she is to ever be happy she must find a way to win her future husbandís favor, so she does what no wife would do; she approaches Rayneís mistress, Countess Van Herold, for lessons in seducing her husband.  Things couldnít be worse when Serena discovers how beautiful the Countess is.  Serena is an ugly duckling compared to the lovely woman.  While Serena is seduced by the lessons she is learning, it is Rayne who is enthralled by this turn of events.

Rayne is intrigued to discover his future wifeís plan to take lessons in pleasuring him.  Rayne never really notices how lovely his soon-to-be wife really is as he is angry with being backed in a corner.  Once he discovers her visits to the Countess, he finds he welcomes his wedding night after all.

The Arrangement is a truly scandalous story of marriages of convenience and the lengths one woman will go to in order to begin hers on a positive note.  The sexual activities are scintillating as Serena learns to be a seducer yet falls under the seductive spell of the Countess.  Rayne is a handsome rake; arrogant and full of himself, yet trapped by a pair of manipulative fathers.  When he bemoans his fate I am unmoved by his pity party, yet when he falls under the spell of Serena and her plan of seduction, it is a beautiful thing to behold.  The wedding night is explosive as Rayne and Serena discover just how well matched they are in every way.  The Arrangement is another winner for Emma Wildes, one you wonít want to miss. 


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