That Montana Summer by Sloan Seymour

The Wild Rose Press

Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Tori



Samantha has signed up for a working vacation at a dude ranch in Montana.  She loves the outdoors even though her stuffy political parents frown on her activities.  After she gets a reading from a palm reader saying that she will find love when she isnít looking, Sam does her best not to look.  How is she supposed to not look at the ranch owners' handsome nephew?

Dalton has dreams for his future. He wants to own his own cattle ranch, but he is working on getting the capital to start it up.  When the couple starts a summer fling, Dalton is overwhelmed by Samís purity. Will he be able to trust her, even though she seems too good to be true? 

That Montana Summer sounds like a wonderful book. It has a great plot base and good characters and even good writing.  The problems start when you get into the meat of the story.   Dalton is overly suspicious of everything Samantha does, to the point that it is hard to believe there could be love between them.  Samantha is consistently ignoring behavior from another man on the ranch, which is not only dangerous to her, but potentially to other people. 

Samantha is a twenty-three year old nurse who somehow inherited tons of money sooner than expected, but her parents did not know of the will change.  Then her parents are trying to force her into a political marriage, which would be believable in a regency romance, but not in a contemporary.   No law in the country would force someone over eighteen to marry another person. 

In the end, the writing did not help me suspend my belief enough to carry the story.  There is at least one part where I felt as if I had skipped pages, only to look back and reread it several times before accepting that an encounter is only mentioned in that part.  I thought That Montana Summer was a good effort, but it will not hold up if you need your stories to be believable.


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