Testing Passion by Marty Rayne


Contemporary light BDSM erotica

ISBN: 978-1-59426-785-7

Reviewed by Jo



Janet O’Neal is a college student who, like all students, has a part-time job.  However, Janet’s job is to test sex toys for Pandora’s Box.  She enjoys it and sees each new box as full of surprises and she is very, very good at it.  However, since she was dumped by her boyfriend, she has had to limit the type of toys she can test.  Janet is not happy about this limitation, but for now, there is nothing she can do.  After all, it is hard to test something that needs a couple. 

Damien Richards has been wanting to meet Janet for a long time and when circumstances allow, he arrives on her doorstep with a box of toys from Pandora’s Box that have to be tested by a couple.  Damien owns Pandora’s Box and is worried that his best tester might quit.  Damien knew that Janet is sensual and passionate by her reports, but he doesn’t expect the woman who answers the door. 

Janet is amazed that she was not only sent a box with an ASAP deadline, but that the company also sent her a person to be her partner.  Amazingly, Damien talks to Janet and she agrees and makes some guidelines that will let them test all the toys.  But after a weekend of intense passion, will they be able to walk away?  Damien has been keeping a secret that just might end any feelings Janet is developing for him.

Testing Passion is not only light-hearted and fun, but it is also erotic with a major punch.  Janet tests sex toys, but is limited right now in what she can test.  When a knock on her door reveals a sexy man with even more toys from the company, Janet agrees to “use” Damien.  Their weekend of sex was erotic and yet on the fun side.  I have to admit that I never thought about what the tester of sex toys went through, but after reading Testing Passions, I will think about it the next time I walk into an adult toy store.  I found Testing Passions to be highly erotic yet not graphic.  A fun and light-hearted story that will warm you up on a cold winter’s day.  Also one that will be read many times over, I’m sure.


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