Teach Me by Cindy Spencer Pape

Torrid Tarot

Ellora's Cave

Light Bondage / Contemporary

ISBN:  9781419913518

Reviewed by Jambrea



Lydia Curry has been hot for her professor, Galen Forsythe, for three long years.  She has hours until she is finished with school and then the unexpected happens. It starts with a kiss.

Galen Forsythe has a problem.  He is lusting after a student and it goes against everything he stands for. 

When Lydia because the focus of a demon, will Galen be able to save her?  Will Lydia be able to convince Galen that she is worth his love?

Teach Me is another winner for Cindy Spencer Pape.  I love her character development and the cameo of Ben Montoya and Wes Iverson from Dragon in the System and Djinni and the Geek was GREAT!  I love revisiting old character even though it was brief. 

At times, I wanted to beat Galenís head against the wall, but he came around.  Lydia is a wonderful character and I applaud her for putting up with Galen.  The magnetic sexual pull between these two characters is irresistible.  Teach Me is a really wonderful story of overcoming your fears and becoming free to love.  I love reading what Ms. Pape has to offer and canít wait for more.


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