Tastes of Pleasure by Shara Lanel

Liquid Silver Books

Erotic Contemporary Anthology

ISBN 1-59578-277-X

Reviewed by Nannette



“A Ball Drop Between Friends”

Good friends Kelsey Mitchell and Rex Percell become much more this New Year’s Eve.

“A Ball Drop Between Friends” is a steamy friends who become lovers story. It’s Hot! Hot! Hot!


“How Not to Relax”

Instead of relaxing her, Cassie’s massage has her all worked up and that’s just what Mick had in mind.

“How Not to Relax” is a good name for this story. It left me on edge just like poor Cassie! It’s very steamy!


“Car Shaking”

Kirsten meets Andrew at a friend’s party. Andrew is a cop and he takes Kirsten on a ride that changes her life.

“Car Shaking” is sizzling hot and has a great romantic ending.


Booty Call

Jillian needs to have sex with a hot demon (or two) every night but she’s tired of the meaningless sex. Her neighbor Clint might have a solution for her though.

“Booty Call” is a good title for this fun and sexy story. Jillian is lucky but unlucky too, and Clint has the answer to her pleas!


“Fantasy on a Bus: Number One”

Dory and Xavier find a way to make the long ride to a concert a very pleasurable one.

The romantic in me loves how “Fantasy on a Bus: Number One” ends.  The beginning and middle are pretty fun too!

“Fantasy on a Bus: Number Two”

Band manager Logan Marsters takes Jesse Williams on a tour of the band’s bus that starts in the shower and ends in the bed!

Combine sweet with sizzling and you get “Fantasy on a Bus: Number Two”. It’s definitely just a fantasy but it’s good one!


“Dare Me”

She’ll do whatever he says. She is his to command, and he knows it.

“Dare Me” is intense in a really good way. Max can order me around anytime! He’s clearly in control, but he’s really good to her too.


“Sex on the Beach”

After securing a bottle of tequila Sarc and Janelle are alone on the beach when Sarc demands Janelle’s attention. And she is very willing to give it to him.

“Sex on the Beach” with a stranger is a hot combination! Sarc is very sexy and Janelle is perfect in her role.


“Try a Little Magic”

Adriana wants Gareth but Gareth is too shy to make a move so Adrianna does it for him.

It takes a spell to make shy Gareth come out of his shell in “Try a Little Magic” and when he does he’s incredibly sexy!   


“Rest in Peace”

Tyler Hoffman’s thinking that attending a party in a cemetery is a bad idea until he meets sexy siren Lucia. Why doesn’t anyone else remember her the next day though?

“Rest in Peace” isn’t a peaceful story. It’s hot and sexy and very mysterious.


“The Lion's Den”

Suzi is home for the holiday and in Alex McCoy’s hardware store. She needs a hammer but Alex gives her so much more.

“The Lion's Den”, has a hot guy and sweet girl steaming up the sheets just like old times!


“The Christmas Candy Game”

Chocolate kisses, sweet tarts, a candy cane and her. These are a few of his favorite things.

“The Christmas Candy Game” is yummy, sweet, sticky and hot too. These two have some kinky fun with candy and a few cameras!


Tastes of Pleasure is twelve stories of steamy and fun pleasure. Each one is a sinful fantasy. A few left me wanting more and others ended just right!


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