Taking it Personal by Cheyenne McCray

Taboo, Book 4

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419909887

Reviewed by Jo



Drew Bennett is a personal trainer who works with clients, both in their homes and at a gym.  Drew is on his way to meet with a client who has lately been showing that she wants their relationship to get real personal.  Sarah Fairland is a businesswoman who is used to always getting what she wants and she knows how she wants it.  Sarah has wanted Drew since she first hired him to be her trainer and she thinks now is the perfect time to act on it.  Sarah prepares for her session with Drew like she would a seduction, only to find out that getting Drew might lead to more than she realized. 

Taking it Personal is about the fourth Bennett brother, Drew.  Drew trains bodies during the day and is a Dom master when his thoughts turn to pleasure.  Sarah controls every little thing about her life, until she decides to pursue Drew.  I loved watching Drew show Sarah that when power and control go hand in hand, sometimes you have to let go in order to enjoy them more.  The level of trust that Sarah had to discover and learn to give to Drew was overwhelming when you factor in her background.  Ms. McCray writes about the BDSM lifestyle not only with the strength of character, but also with the caring, emotion, and trust a couple would need.  I believe Taking it Personal should be in the library of anyone who enjoys reading about the BDSM life.

While you certainly donít need to read the previous three novels in this series first, I believe you will be going back to find the other Bennett brothers and their stories.  You wonít be sorry.


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