Take My Hand by Angie Willis

Champagne Books

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-897445-02-0

Reviewed By Tori



Jack Mitchell is an ex-football player living a secluded life in a small town.  That is until he runs into Malaina, or more accurately she falls through the floor of the dance hall on his property.  He had been hurt by fame in the past and Jack liked his life exactly as it was now, until the woman he had come to trust blurted out his secret.

Malaina Williamson is an English professor, but is looking for a change. When she decides that the dance hall, a town landmark, would make a great store she cannot help but explore it.  Falling though the floor had not been in her plans.   When the angry Jack pulls her up from the hole they find themselves growing closer despite Malaina’s family’s warnings for her to stay away from him.

Take My Hand by Angie Willis is a sweet romance filled with a lot of funny moments, including a scene where Malaina builds a sand castle in the sand trap of a golf course.   I like the growth of the main characters in this book.  Malaina needs to gain control of her own life and do what makes her happy and Jack needs to let other people into his world.  It was nice to see their story told in such a charming way.


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