A Tail of Two Brothers by Jade Buchanan


Changeling Press

Gay Shapeshifter

ISBN:  978-1-59596-939-2

Reviewed by Cassie



Safety consultant Oliver Phillip is instantly attracted when he meets his new client, Bayard Stoddard of Horsfall ranch.  He is beginning to think maybe Bayard is attracted to him as well, but he’s determined to remain professional.  Then on the drive home, he sees a Shire horse that is cruelly hobbled.  When he goes to help the animal, he gets quite a surprise...

A Tail of Two Brothers is a quick, hot tale with an unusual subset of shapeshifter.  Most shifter stories focus on wolves or cats, so it was interesting to read about horses.  Oliver’s slightly insecure nature and vivid imagination made him a fun hero.  Strong, calm Bayard and his twin, the more excitable Marshall, were yummy.  What’s not to like about two sexy shapeshifters who happen to be twins?   My only real complaint about the story was I wanted more!  There were a couple of loose ends I wanted to see tied up, and though the relationship had been established by the end I would have liked to see it in action for a bit longer.  I am hoping there will be a sequel that tells what happens next with Oliver, Bayard, and Marshall.  If the brother angle bothers you, you might not like A Tail of Two Brothers.  Otherwise, if you’re looking for a quick read with hot sex and unusual shifters, pick this one up.


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