Sweet Submission by Desiree Gelsi

New Concepts Publishing

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1-58608-983-8

Reviewed by Sabella



Kita is tired of running, so when she finds herself cornered and about to trespass into a deadly alpha’s territory she is looking forward to death.  But life is full of disappointments and this time it’s Kita’s turn.  Not only does her pursuer just toy with her, enjoying injuring her but now the alpha, whose territory she invaded has found her.  And to top it all off, the alpha does not kill her – he decides to take her home with him.  Why won’t anyone do what she wants and just put her out of her misery?

Sasha Lucien has control of his pack and he rules his territory with a firm, but fair hand.  However, when he comes upon the hunter that has been killing the members of his pack he finds him cornering a beautiful white wolf.  Still, he doesn’t want this wolf, beautiful or not, entering his territory.  When the wolf does Sasha fids himself surprised that it’s a female and that she is baiting him to kill her.  But the more Sasha gets to know this wolf as a woman the more surprises he gets…

Sweet Submission is the fun, suspenseful tale that will keep you on your toes.  Kita and Sasha make for an interesting pair as they are constantly testing each other’s dominance and making up in the most interesting sweaty ways.  Kita is full of fire and defiance that hide a vulnerable heart.  Sasha has a reputation of a cold blooded killer that he has fought to earn, but not the way the world thinks.  I found the chemistry between Sasha and Kita to be entertaining and fiery enough to satisfy readers of erotic romance – the fact that it involves werewolves just makes it hotter!  Sweet Submission is a fun read that will entertain you as it turns up the heat.


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