Surrender’s Edge by Pepper Espinoza

Amber Quill Press


ISBN: 1-59426-913-0

Reviewed by Barb



Since they met in college Geoffrey Kirk has been in love with his best friend Nash. Geoffrey has watched loved Nash since the beginning. Wishing things were different but not willing to lose Nash’s friendship. Falling for Sunny, his assistant, just felt natural and helped him move on. Catching Nash with Sunny was quite a shock.  What will he do with his chance for happiness gone? Then Sunny and Nash let him know that he has not lost anything and that there is still a lot to gain.

Surrender’s Edge was an interesting story. The characters were all looking out for each other and their futures. The feelings between everyone was of a natural and good feel.  It did not flow as well as other books I have read by Pepper Espinoza but was still a likeable read.


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