Sunfire by Lynne Connolly

Pure Wildfire

Elloraís Cave

Shape Shifters

ISBN: 9781419914386

Reviewed by Jo


Corinne Westerfall is a classical guitarist under contract with her father and manager, John Westerfall.  She just wants to escape now after many years of following orders, but does not know that her father is determined to control every aspect of her live - forever.  She has agreed to do a track for a charity album with the lead guitarist of Pure Wildfire, Aidan Hawthorne, and her twin sisters.  She never expects magic to happen during the music.

Aidan Hawthorne is much, much more than just the lead of Pure Wildfire.  He and the entire band are shape shifters - Firebirds. But he has an even more important secret than that.  To protect themselves, shifters keep that part of themselves secret.  Aidan meets Corinne and is instantly drawn to her, knowing that she could be his destined mate. He also discovers just how Corinne's father is holding on to her. Aidan is determined to not only get Corinne as his mate, but to release her from her father's grip.

Aidan suggests marriage to Corinne, who misunderstands exactly why, and at first, she doesnít want to go through with it. Auditioning for a chance to play with Pure Wildfire is just the beginning of the changes for Corinne. While she craves Aidan, Corinne wants freedom foremost. When Corinne and Aidan end up in a life-threatening situation, will the love, respect, and trust that has developed between them be enough?

Sunfire begins the series of Pure Wildfire.  In this story, I saw the ways power can corrupt and also how not accepting all the gifts given to you could hurt you. Aidan has been born into a position of power, but he has been reluctant to accept all that goes with it. Corinne has been dominated by a power-greedy father for the majority of her life and now just wants to be free of it all. While I expected the passion that heated between Aidan and Corinne, I was very happy to see the extreme eroticism that showed their true connection.  I admit to reading the first version of Corinne and Aidanís story and while I loved it, Sunfire is just bigger, better, and so much more fulfilling.   Ms. Connolly kept me turning the pages quickly, wanting to see what would happen next with Aidan and Corinne and the band.  The only reason I did not finish in one sitting was that nasty day job, but I did finish it as soon as I got home.  Ms. Connolly is an auto buy for me anyway and Sunfire has found its way firmly on my keeper shelf to be read over and over again.  Now I canít wait for the rest of the members from Pure Wildfire to arrive.


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