Sully’s Heart by Adrianna Dane

Amber Allure

M/M, Cowboy

ISBN 13: 978-1-60272-154-8

Reviewed by Raine



Luke leaves home shortly after graduation, fleeing his feelings for his best friend, not wanting to chance revealing himself, only to be rebuked. So he lives a hard, fast life, making a name for himself in Vegas being a singer and songwriter. The day finally comes, and all the drinking, pills and adoring fans are no longer enough. After a revelation, Luke heads for home to confront his old friend Sully, and see if there is anything there.

Once home and after a confrontation with his father, Luke takes a trip to the pond he and Sully played in as children. He’s just gotten out when the love of his life shows up on a horse and looking hot. So now that Luke has a chance to face all his feelings for his old friend it’s amazing what happens next….

Sully’s Heart is a heart-stopping tale of two men who have the same problem. Neither of them, up to now, has been willing to confront who they are. But when they both finally decide they can longer be without the other, it’s no holds barred as they make up for all the time they lost. Sully’s Heart will warm your heart with their love and sizzle your nerve endings with the heat they have together when they hit the sheets. I highly recommend this entrancing story.


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