Subtle Touch by Beth Kery

Subtle Lovers Series, Book 2


Ellora’s Cave

ISBN: 9781419910067

Reviewed by Ley



Asmoday is back and still up to no good, this time he has set his sights on Che Ammadon’s chosen mate.  Ironically it is because of Asmoday, whom all the other Watchers believed was dead, that the Watcher met Sophia Galanis and found himself deeply infatuated.  Sophia is like no woman Che has ever known.  Her beauty, strength and stubbornness draw him to her and he is determined to mate with her to keep her away from Asmoday. 

Asmoday’s evil and twisted mind believes Sophia and all her strengths belong to him and he has no qualms about killing her to get them.

Subtle Touch, the second book in the Subtle Lover series is very good.  I felt more of a connection to the characters in this book than I did with Subtle Magic, I feel that’s because I have a better understanding this time around and I’m a bit more fluent in ‘Watcher talk’.  I really liked Che and Sophia together their chemistry is very strong and there was a connection I liked between them right from the start.  All the characters from the first book are prominent in this one including Jax.  I actually felt sorry for Jax this time around, I hope he finds peace.  As with the first book Subtle Touch is extremely sexually charged and there is no shortage of hot erotic sex scenes.  Subtle Touch could be read as a stand alone, but I wouldn’t suggest it, the impact of the story wouldn’t be the same.


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