Subtle Release by Beth Kery

Subtle Lovers Series, Book 3

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419912108

Reviewed by Ley



King of the Watcher’s, Bale Ammadon never got over his mate’s death or the cruelty of it. Helen Ammadon possessed rare powers of clairvoyance, foreknowledge, telepathy, and telekinesis, it was the latter that allowed rogue Watcher Asmoday the ability to psychokinetically rape her causing her to hemorrhage and die. Bale waited for his Helen to be returned to him as a reincarnate, as he waited he lived with the agony that he was unable to protect her in her previous life with him.

When Helen returns to him, Bale is not prepared for the disdainful, condescending woman who’s driven by sex and rage.  Bale suspect there’s more to her behavior and Asmoday still may have control of her mind.

The third installment of Beth Kery’s Subtle Lover’s series left me with mixed feelings. Subtle Release continues the quest of the Watcher’s to find their human mates once they have been reincarnated.  I feel Bale’s was the hardest, Helen left him with two sons and the way she died was heavy on his heart. My mixed feelings are due to events that occur to others within the story that I wasn’t expecting. They were devastating to the Ammadon clan and to me. Subtle Release is an enthralling story of high emotions and of course hot erotic sex.  I do suggest reading the books in sequential order.


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