Subtle Magic By Beth Kery

Subtle Lovers, Book 1

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419908781

Reviewed by Ley



Four hundred and eighteen years is a longtime to wait for someone, but thatís how long Duse has been waiting for Devon to return to him. The Watcher knew his love would be reincarnated and the wait has been hell but the worst is yet to come.  She finally returns to him as Skylar. Duse must make her believe she is meant to be his mate and consummate there relationship in order to keep her safe from Asmoday, a Watcher who has chosen the path of evil.  Already responsible for the death of Duseís brotherís mate, Asmoday will stop at nothing to bring despair to the Ammadon clan. 

Skylar knew her ability to manipulate matter which leads to the power to heal was not something everyone could do and meeting Duse she knew he was special, but not as special as the stories he was trying to convince her were true.  Skylarís ability and her beauty is more reason Duse needs to cast the protective spell around her as quickly as possible, as he will soon find Asmoday is not the only one he needs to protect her from.

Whenever I see a glossary in the beginning of a story, I know it will be a sit down and pay attention type of story and Subtle Magic is definitely that.  Itís an interesting read thatís tackles a very complex story line that is highly sexually driven.  Sex is the power of this story. Subtle Magic held my attention even though I was confused at times and had to re-read certain passages. There are so many strong characters that are vital to the story with their own stories that at times I found it to be too much.  I applaud Beth Kery for keeping it straight, she really did a good job.  Subtle Magic is a very intriguing story.


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