Submissive by Isabella Jordan

Leopard Tails, Book 2

Changeling Press    

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59596-637-7

Reviewed by Lisa



The peaceful town of Madden, Maine harbors an enormous secret.  Within the human population are immigrants from Lorzneca, Russia, some born in the U.S., many of them having arrived within the last decade or so and all capable of shifting into very large feline predators, leopards.

Neva Kolenkov lives in town with the Turgenevís, Nadia, Mikhail and their son Luca.  Both Neva and Nadia suffered horrible atrocities back in Lorzneca at the hands of Bartok and his soldiers.  Nadia has managed to move on but Neva is merely a shadow existing but not really living, unable to go forward and live.

Everyday Isaac Stahl hopes Neva will come into his coffee shop.  Isaac wants Neva for his mate and mother to his cubs even after learning why she acts so frightened all the time.  When a waitress at the coffee shop is murdered Isaac puts himself in a position to protect his woman while at the same time he attempts to slowly seduce Neva.  A horrible tragedy gives Isaac the opportunity to win the woman he loves and teach her to be the woman she was always meant to be.

Submissive by author Isabella Jordan is a charming and very sexy stand alone story, second in the Leopard Tails series.  Also, Submissive is a special paranormal in that it deals with a womanís personal horror in a sensitive manner as Neva learns to live, lust and love because of the man who has the patience, friendship and tenderness to bring her out of herself.  The killer is part of a secondary plotline used to bring them together although definitely the weaker part of the story.  Isaac teaches Neva that sex and lovemaking can be completely different things as well.  Submissive is a sweet and sexy little gem.


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