Stripped Away by Sydney Somers

Shadow Destroyers, Book 2

Samhain Publishing

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-673-6

Reviewed by Indy



As a female Shadow Destroyer, Quinn is one of the best and the brightest of the warriors sent out to fight vicious demons on a nightly basis. After a run-in with a lust demon, Quinn finds herself with a night of lost memories and the beginnings of nightmares she doesnít understand. When her twin sister is kidnapped Quinnís world really begins to unravel. Mind numbing nightmares, lack of focus in the field and the heartache sheís experiencing due to unresolved issues with Braxton. Braxton is business first, pleasure later. His moment of weakness where Quinn was concerned is a memory he holds in secret and one that has caused a rift neither can afford at the moment. Because as Quinn slowly goes into a mini meltdown Braxton is adamant that he wonít lose her to the demons that are stalking her. Demons that are aware of a past hidden in the recess of a mindís refusal to remember.

In the ever evolving battle of good against evil a group of warriors known only as Shadow Destroyers, train, hunt and battle demons in their quest to eradicate beings that only have devastation in mind. Stripped Away is book two of the Shadow Destroyer series filled with both male and female fighters who donít think twice about kicking demon butt. Impressive to say the least this paranormal feast is a story thick with interesting twists and dramatic encounters, some good most not as Quinn and Braxton work through their relationship while trying to keep Quinn alive. The relationship between Braxton and Quinn is complicated to say the least due to their work responsibilities, but itís obvious these two were meant to be together. Even if it took a few hurt feelings and the possibility of losing one another for them to figure it out. Readers who love a lot of action with their paranormal heat will find Sydney Somerís Stripped Away the right book to enjoy when you want to get the blood flowing and the heart pumping!


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