Stepping Stones by Carlo Lynne

Torquere Press

Erotic M/M Ménage Contemporary Romance


Reviewed by Nannette



Donovan O'Hurley and his twin brother Declan have been apart for a long time. Donovan separated himself from Declan because of his deep love and attraction to him. Declan has allowed his ex lover Chet to hurt and humiliate him for the same reason. Declan thinks his desire for his twin brother is wrong and he deserves to be punished because of it. Donovan does not agree. He and his best friend, and on again off again lover Marc, will do anything to protect Declan. Their mutual attraction to each other and to Declan only serves to strengthen the bond between the three men. While Donovan, Declan and Marc attempt to make a life together Chet is still stalking Declan. He won’t stop until he has Declan back.

Stepping Stones is a good story but it felt somewhat scripted. The sex is very hot between the brothers and Marc. Donovan and Marc are strong and sexy and Declan is sweet. A man who is more feminine than masculine can be very sexy but Declan comes across as being a bit too meek. I do like the passion and strong bond between Donovan and Declan.


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