Stagecoach Capture by Layla Chase

Amber Heat

Historical/Old West

ISBN: 1-59279-567-6

Reviewed by Georgia



Determined to leave her past behind her, Jazzy, a former prostitute, boards a stagecoach heading west. Unfortunately, leaving her desires and mannerisms behind is harder than she anticipated, especially when a handsome stranger squeezes in next to her. But an evening of shared fun couldn’t harm anything, could it?

Undercover US Marshall Slade Thomas must use his powers of observation and judgment to discover which of the three women on the stagecoach is the notorious bank robber he’s out to capture. The saucy, sexy Jazzy is at the top of his list, but can he resist her pull long enough to find out if she’s the one?

When the stagecoach is robbed and the women taken, Slade must figure out a way to get back the one woman he can’t seem to get out of his mind. How will he handle it if she’s the criminal?

Stagecoach Capture starts with a bang and doesn’t let up. Jazzy’s past is described without trying to sugar coat it. Yet Jazzy is a woman not ashamed of her past -- after all, it is what has shaped her. She has strong desires and is not afraid to go after them, namely the handsome Slade. These two are made for each other. Both are just a bit outside of polite society and have a desire to live their lives to the fullest. The kidnapping and subsequent revelation of Jazzy’s past put them in dangerous and anxious situations, but with their desire and strong will, they discover just what they truly want from each other and life.


Reviewed by Nikita Steele

For the past five years, Jessimay “Jazzy” Morgan had been secretly saving small amounts of money that she had earned from being a prostitute.  Her dream was to open a store out west in the mountains, far away from Miss Veronica’s Pleasure Emporium and particularly from a past client who was set on marrying her.  Jazzy was determined to regain the independence that was lost when she was forced to become a prostitute at a young age.  With her dreams within reach, no man or woman was going to stand in her way.

U.S. Marshal Slade Thomas was hot on the trail of a female bank robber and he had it on good authority that she was heading westbound on a stagecoach.  So when Slade got on the stage in San Antonio, he was taken aback because all three women aboard bear a resemblance to the female on the wanted poster.  However, there was one particular female who caught his eye with her very flirtatious ways and hidden agenda.  But before he could confirm his suspicions, the stagecoach was robbed, the women kidnapped, the driver was shot, and Slade was badly beaten by rowdy bandits.  Will Slade be able to locate the women before the bandits cause them great harm?  And, more importantly, if he found them and his uncertainties were proven true, will he be able to arrest Jazzy, especially when he desired her so?

From the start, Stagecoach Capture was an intriguing historical story that flowed at a smooth, swift pace.  I really liked Jazzy’s spirit.  Her personality was the total opposite of what a woman’s role should have been during the 1800’s. She had a sassy spunk about herself, very strong-willed, quick to think on her feet, highly opinionated, and once she set her mind to something, she wasn’t about to let anyone stop her from reaching her goal.  Likewise, Slade’s character was a joy to get to know.  From the first moment he met Jazzy, he was in a heartfelt dilemma.  On one side, Slade’s mind wanted him to perform his duty by capturing Jazzy, the potential outlaw; yet, on the flipside, his heart wanted to capture Jazzy’s beautiful, luscious body and take her to bed.  Fans of historical romance will not be disappointed with Layla Chase’s Stagecoach Capture.


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