Stacked by Nicola Harris

Total-e-Bound Publishing

Lust Bites/Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-906328-80-1

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Catering business owner Phoebe Moor wanders into the local library to visit a friend.  The first thing she sees is a gorgeous naked man posing for a Life Art class!  Phoebe is blasted by lust and takes a dive off the safe end into the deepest part of the wild side.  

Soon after her “meeting” with Julius, Phoebe encounters his friend and employer, Damien Slater.  Phoebe does not know what to expect. Damien is mysterious and beyond tempting.  The one thing Phoebe cannot resist is a mystery.  Besides, denying what she wants most would serve no purpose so why should a hungry woman starve? 

Stacked is racy and blistering from start to finish.  Anyone would get their double dose of tantalizing-to-the-last-drop sex from this story in one sitting.  This is a dirty daydream that skirts the edges of reality with the feel of a journal entry.   Phoebe could be you, me, or someone you know and envy who has just shared this encounter.  Ms. Harris lures you away from the everyday monotony and dangles a bit of sweaty naughtiness your way.  If you are looking for more plot and bigger character development, then that is where Stacked is limited.  However, Ms. Harris does not skimp on the pleasure principle.


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