Spiked by Mychael Black, Laney Cairo, Jourdan Lane and Willa Okati

Torquere Press

Erotic Contemporary M/M Romance Anthology

ISBN: 978-1-60370-250-8

Reviewed by Nannette



Tattoo You by Willa Okati

Jacob Lee’s lover Donathan is covered in tattoos. Jacob Lee loves them but his fear of needles keeps him from going under the gun himself. Can two men from the past help him conquer his fear and give Donathan the best birthday present ever?

Tattoo You is heartwarming and sexy. Jacob Lee’s southern charm is sweet and Donathan is a great guy. I spent a long while imagining what Donathan’s awesome body would look like!


Possession: A Soul Mates Story by Jourdan Lane

Sabaan, Nikolas, Lucien and Peter share a strong bond.  Lucien and Sabaan decide to show their lovers how much they mean to them while showing themselves how much they mean to each other as well.

Possession: A Soul Mates Story is great. Jealousy, hurt and love surround an amazing story filled with well developed characters. The writing is fantastic; it really makes you feel, but Sabaan, Nikolas, Lucien and Peter‘s shared relationship causes a lot of angst and it made my heart hurt to read it.


Marginalia by Laney Cairo

Bailey is a cutter. He surgically inserts body modifications inside of people. His new lover Quint works at a bar and has lots of body mods. When Quint disappears and Bailey discovers where he is, he’ll have to go up against the government to get him back.

The world Bailey and Quint live in in Marginalia is fascinating as are the vast array of body mods.  Quint and Bailey are great, I love them. Laney Cairo’s stories often mix a bit of science fiction with hot sex and sexy guys. Her books are always entertaining and Marginalia is no exception!


Behind the Mask by Mychael Black

Although Lance Shaw has interviewed many vampires, his interview with two thousand year old vampire Triarius, creator of the Inferi Brotherhood may be the highlight of his career.

Triarius may have agreed to the interview, but he did not agree to let Lance go afterwards.

In Behind The Mask, Triarius is a villain with a heart. He shows no mercy to his enemies but with Lance he is a passionate, skilled and tender lover.  Behind The Mask is an exciting and intriguing story that left me desperate for more!


There is so much more to Spiked than just tattoos and piercings. It is four stories filled with fascinating people, places and relationships.  Different is the norm, and different is amazing in Spiked!


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