Spells at Midnight by Jenna Castille

Trick or Treat Series

Ellora’s Cave

Paranormal Erotic

ISBN: 9781419913129

Reviewed by Elysia



Renee is just like so many women in the world, alone and looking for someone to share a perfect love - except she’s a witch who will live hundreds of years, and has yet to find anyone, paranormal or human. Why shouldn’t she cast a spell on Samhain to bring her true love to her?  Is she ready for it when she gets what she asked for?

I enjoyed Spells at Midnight by Jenna Castille, but I thought it was far too short. I wanted to see more of the characters, more of their relationship develop, more of their hot attraction, and more of Zachary. Zachary is a wonderful hero who goes through great trials to prove his love for his witch, and I think we needed to see more and feel more of that.  I still really liked this story, and would like to see these characters and this world again.


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