Spellfire Moons 2 by Jewel Adams, Bridghid Parkinson, Megan Hussey, and Olivia Lorenz

Erotic-ahh Digest Vol. 87-17ED

Midnight Showcase

Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance Anthology

Reviewed by Jo



Jazzirina Moonbeam by Jewel Adams

Jazzirina Moonbeam is a Moon Faer and has been hiding what she is for as long as she can remember.  Humans hunt her for her tears of silver when they discover what she is.  Once again, somehow Jazz has been discovered and is now being hunted.  With the timely help from a gnome, Jazz gets away and learns of a special town in Texas where supposedly she will be safe and protected.  With nothing to lose, Jazz decides to travel to Spellfire, but when she stops to rest, she finds someone who might just waylay her a bit.  Tyler “Tye” Greystone finds Jazz as she lands by his property and invites her in for a meal and a rest.  Tye is not sure what Jazz is, but he finds her sexy and delicate and would like to know her much better.  Wondering if he can talk Jazz into staying for awhile, Tye learns that Jazz is much more than just a pretty person and begins to fall for her.  Tye and Jazz come together in a love that is as special as they are, but Tye is hiding something from Jazz and he is not sure if his secret will end what they are just beginning.  Spellfire had been drawing Jazz to it before she met Tye; it’s the perfect place for them to go to discover their future.

Jazzirina Moonbeam gives a small snapshot into Jazz’s life of hiding what she is out of fear.  Tye knows that Jazz could be his forever mate and just needs the time to prove it.  The instant sparks and heat made it so I couldn't stop until I learned how they came together.  When I discovered all that Jazz gains at the end of the story, I was very happy that yet another Moon Faer was truly loved, safe, and had found unknown family.  I have read several of Ms. Adams' works and Jazzirina Moonbeam is another wonderful addition to her fantastical love stories.  I hope to see more on Jazz and Tye in future installments even if they are secondary characters.


Outfoxed by Olivia Lorenz

Yin Quan is an immortal warrior ghost who fought for the losing dynasty in ancient China.  Now he lives in Spellfire with his dogs and ranch. Although he is very content for the most part, Quan does wish at times that he could have his physical form more than twice a year.  Like now, when one of his dogs has a thorn in his paw and Quan has to take him to the vet to be treated rather than doing so himself.  While waiting for his turn, Quan watches something that is attempting to give birth and even catches the egg when it goes flying across the room.  Pearl Hu is working in the clinic as a temporary locum, which can be a bit difficult as she is scared of dogs.  She is a shape-shifting fox fairy and most dogs come right at her in any shape because they smell fox.  Pearl is not happy to discover that her next appointment is with Quan’s dog who happens to be a Doberman mix.  The initial meeting between Quan and Pearl is further set off as they discover instantly that while Quan is a Han Chinese, Pearl is a Manchu and to say the two don’t think much of each other is an understatement.  However when Quan and Pearl must work together to protect an imperial creature, it is not the sparks of prejudice that flame between them, but those of attraction and passion.  Pearl comes to trust Quan enough to reveal herself, but when she is put in a place where she much choose to fulfill their trust or the demand of her being, will she lose everything?

Outfoxed sparked from the first page to the last.  Both Quan and Pearl have deep-seated prejudices against the other's heritage, but that doesn’t seem to matter when passion and respect raise their heads.  Pearl is used to hiding who she is because of the greed of men in her past.  Quan never expected to find a love at this point in his life, but he knows just how special Pearl is when he learns of her entire character.  Add in an even more mystical being and you have a love story with suspense and possible betrayal until the last card is revealed.  I found that in Outfoxed what you read is not always the reality – very tricky.  Ms. Lorenz’s addition to Spellfire was exotic in a totally different way, but it worked in a place where the mystical and exotic are the norms.


House of Lavender Dreams by Megan Hussey

Laira, a full human, is the owner of a curiosity shop in Spellfire.  While that might seem like an odd type of shop to have there of all places, where else would people celebrate in the odd and otherworldly merchandise?  Laira needs to find something to be the centerpiece of her Fourth of July display.  After checking everywhere, Laira calls her Aunt Corinne to see if she can think of something.  What Corinne walks in with is an absolutely beautiful dollhouse, full of elegant furniture, but oddly, it only comes with one gentleman doll.  A doll that is stunningly handsome and sexy and makes Laira sigh when she sees him.  Laira falls asleep holding the doll and dreams of what it would be like if he were full grown and real.  Roman wakes up in bed with Laira and just knows he is going to like being out of the dollhouse and with this unusual woman.  One late night of talking leads to other things and understanding that somehow Laira has her miracle dream lover and a display that can never be topped.  As an act of her total love, Laira searches to find the one thing that Roman misses and feels lost without. 

House of Lavender Dreams shows that even humans can discover magic and have a wish fulfilled if done in the right place.  Laira, while only human, has found her place in Spellfire with its unusual residents.  While trying to find a sexy and eye-catching centerpiece for her July display, she's given the answer to all of her dreams by her aunt.  Roman was lovingly made by a doll maker and via an accident, was paired up with the lavender house that Laira discovers him in.  I have always been a believer in dreams and wishes, but even I would have been more than surprised if faced with the same circumstance as Laira.  The gentle love story that surrounds Laira and Roman seemed to fit with the lavender house and the softness of dreams that seek only a fulfilling love.   House of Lavender Dreams, while magical in a totally different way than most of the Spellfire love stories, was just right for two souls who only wanted a place to belong and the chance to be themselves.  I absolutely loved how Laira showed Roman her love at the end.


Brother Luv’s Salvation by Bridghid Parkinson

Reverend Daniel Luvinski has lost everything -- his marriage, his church, and almost his faith.  Using the majority of his settlement money from a car accident, Dan buys property and a building outside of Spellfire, sight unseen.  Now he faces the building and sees that it should be condemned and wonders if the last of his dreams is about to come crumbling down on him.   Dan decides to look on the bright side and  knows that, with some hard work, the hospital can turn into his dream place for his special summons and social services center.  One night while working, Dan meets Jamie Antoine, a soft spoken man, who offers to help him with his work on the old building.  Jamie has knowledge of the building’s past and actually helped on some of the work that was done before it was sold to Dan.  As the days go by, Dan and Jamie work at the house and Dan begins to feel things for Jamie that he is sure can never come out in the open.  After all, that is one reason why he lost just about everything before.  Jamie and Dan discover that they have many of the same interests and both enjoy turning the old hospital into the type of place Dan has dreamed about.  Just like the majority of Spellfire’s residents, Jamie has a secret about himself and now he knows of something that will effect Dan, too.  When Dan learns some of Jaime and Spellfire’s secrets, will he be able to accept them as they accept him – without conditions and with God’s love?

Brother Luv’s Salvation is the first male/male story that I have read in any of the Spellfire stories.  I knew that sooner or later one would come and I’m very pleased to say that Ms. Parkinson did a fantastic job.  She took several subjects that could have been touchy and blended them with the perfect touch.  Dan just wants to serve God and help the outcasts from society who need help along the way.  He has tried to go the normal route of marriage, doing the church's summons, and keeping his doubts and desires a secret, only to lose it all.  Jamie has been waiting for the perfect man for him for a really long time.  When he sees Dan and learns why he is in Spellfire, Jamie knows he might have found his mate.  Watching both Dan and Jamie work together and try to get to the place they both wanted to be, was both joyful and heartrending at turns.  I felt for both Jamie and Dan at various times and for totally different reasons as the story went on.  Until the end, I was afraid that I would actually be reading my first non-happy ending in Spellfire, but was very relieved that they found the magic and love just waiting for them.


Spellfire Moons 2 contains four very different stories, but they all intersect with the special and magical town of Spellfire, Texas.  In one, we get to find another lost Moon Faer who finds both love and lost family after leading a life of fear.  In another, two special people learn that old prejudices lose all hold when faced with a mutual objective and a passion that truly concurs all.  In yet another, the magic of wishes, dreams, and belief give one shop owner a relationship she would never have dreamed of anywhere else. In the last story, one man needs to believe in himself and that God’s love, no matter what god, is for all, and in order to have absolute happiness, he must accept all that he is and the love that comes with it.  Each story I found to be enchanting and with just enough magic so that anything is not only possible but probable.  I have loved the fantasy stories that seem to abound in Spellfire, Texas since I discovered the first book, and with each new story, I fall for the town and its characters all over again.  Each author takes you not only to that unique town, but also makes sure that you will fall for the residents and, of course, the hero and heroine in their story.  If you love magic, fantasy, and sparking passion, then you cannot go wrong with this anthology or any of the Spellfire stories.


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