Spellbound by Jessie Verino



ISBN:  1-59426-611-5

Reviewed by Jo



Solange Monroe is a home security expert and she has agreed to stay in a clientís home for the summer while he is away.  Solange believes in what she can see and that does not include ghosts or anything paranormal.  Joshua Neville has been stuck in his house by a curse for centuries, a curse one of Solís relatives put on him.  Because of this, Sol can see and hear Joshua where others have never been able to.

Joshua has waited a long time for any interaction. Now, not only is Sol related to the very person who put the curse on him in the first place, but Joshua has to figure in the firestorm attraction between them.  He asks Sol for help in breaking the curse so that he can return to his time and clear his name for a murder and robbery he never committed.  Sol agrees to help him, but as they get closer to breaking the curse, Sol wonders if her heart will also be broken with the removal of the curse.

Spellbound has Joshua as the victim of a voodoo spell gone wrong.  Solange is his only hope to break it and clear himself of an ancient wrong.  As they work to discover how to break the spell, Sol begins to wonder if the spell actually worked exactly the way it was supposed to and how to tell Joshua what actually happened.   I enjoyed the detective work done on the who, what, when, and why of the parties and circumstances surrounding that fateful night.  However, I thought the speed of Joshua and Sol coming together to act on their attraction was a bit rushed.  I believe if Ms. Verino could have stretched out that portion of Joshua and Solís story, the intensity would have been even stronger.  That being said, Spellbound is a story of strong friendship and enduring passion, in which Sol and Joshua would move time and space to be together.


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