Speed Dating by Yvette Hines

Heat Sheet Fetish


BDSM, Romance

ISBN: 1-59426-903-3

Reviewed by Erys



Jenna has a serious case of lust for her delicious delivery man.  She orders a package a day just so she can see him.  Though she is trying to work up the courage to ask him out, day after day she chickens out.  Her hope is that he will take the first step and ask her out.  When he asks her what kind of home-based business she runs that requires her receiving a small package every day, she knows her secret is about to be exposed.  There is no home-based business and she is only ordering a book so he can deliver it.

After that embarrassment, Jenna cancels the rest of her orders and calls up her best friend Natalie.  Not that she wants to spend Valentine’s Day speed dating, but what else can she do but give it a try. Natalie insists and she always gets her way.

Jenna winds up with more than she bargained for and finds out that sometimes things work out for the best even if it’s not something you’d have wanted to do originally.

Speed Dating is a hot fabulous read.  Between the steamy bondage scenes and the delicious tension when Malcolm the delivery man appears at Jenna’s door, this story will keep you hot and bothered.  Two things pulled me out of the story. The use of chocolate, vanilla, eggplant and mocha descriptions for skin color, and some typos that should have been corrected in editing, but they weren’t enough to make me put the book down.  The descriptions made me think about food every time I saw one of those phrases used.  I think I gained a pound reading this book.

Yvette Hines pulled me in with her fabulously feisty and secretly submissive heroine and deliciously dominant hero, and held me hostage with the sizzling love scenes.


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