Special Branch: Kane by Loribelle Hunt

Cobblestone Press

Alternate Historical Romance/Urban Fantasy/Shifter

ISBN: 978-1-60088-215-9

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Kane Dupree is the local Alpha of a shifter pack and in love with Calista Nichols, his lover.  She doesn’t know about his past nor does she really want to be told.  Kane knows that Calista is his mate, but due to her stubbornness and independence, she doesn’t want any help from Kane other than in the bedroom where they seem to thrive.  When Calista’s sister is kidnapped by a platoon of Rebels, Calista has no choice but to turn to the man that secretly holds her heart and her body in the palm of his hands. 

Loribelle Hunt has taken urban fantasy and the shape shifting world in a new direction with Special Branch: Kane.  With the timeline being 1899, I fully expected a historical novel, and while I did get that, I also had paranormal thrown in for good measure.  Somewhat confused, I had to read the first two chapters more than once to realize that yes, Kane was set in the past but with almost futuristic elements.  I found myself more than once a bit peeved at Calista’s seemingly oblivious concern for herself and her stubbornness.  In fact, I often wondered why Kane would even care about someone as stubborn and annoying as she turned out to be.  She didn’t listen to him, but the first time she needed something she went to Kane to help.  I just thought he deserved more in a mate. 

Special Branch: Kane was not an enjoyable book for me, which is rare for a novel penned by Loribelle Hunt, whom I adore as an author. I think that the historical setting for a shape shifter novel with urban fantasy elements just wasn’t the genre for me to read.  Loribelle Hunt continues to be one of my favorite authors and I look forward to reading all of her new releases.  Special Branch: Kane just wasn’t one of them. 


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