Smooth Finish by Adrianna Dane

Amber Heat

Contemporary Erotic

ISBN: 1-59279-526-9

Reviewed by Georgia



Always trying to prove to her dad that she’s as good as any other subcontractor, Cody Marx is elated when he gives her her first independent job. Although working with her ex-boyfriend Drew will be a pain in the behind. Still, she can’t wait to get her hands on the hardwood floors in the MacKenzie place or on Jared Creed, the subcontractor doing the tile work. They dated a bit in high school, but nothing had ever come of it…until now.

Jared Creed had always placed his family and their needs above his own feelings. Yet with the fiasco his half-brother made of his life and his mother in a retirement community, Jared finally has the opportunity to live for himself. Lining up some jobs like the MacKenzie remodeling project is just what he needs to get on track with his life, especially when he realizes Cody’s working it, too. All he needs to ensure a Smooth Finish is the right opportunity.

You can’t go wrong with a book from Adrianna Dane. Smooth Finish is an easy read that quickly captures your attention. There’s enough depth to the characters so that they feel realistic as well as providing a solid story. Cody is a strong, capable woman with the same insecurities we all have. Being confronted with a man from her past as well as a dream she never truly believed would come true makes her realize she has more to offer than what she’s always thought. As she and Jared get to know each other again, they explore their sexual chemistry, their misconceptions, and their new beliefs. Enjoy!


Review by Nikita Steele

Cody Marx was floored when her father announced that he was going to let her work a flooring job by herself!  Every since she was teenager, Cody had been refinishing floors along side her father; yet, he never once allowed her to do a job on her own…until now.  Very excited, Cody vowed to prove to her father that he made the right decision in trusting her and Drew, her ex-boyfriend and the contractor in charge, wasn’t going to hinder her from doing the best with this floor remodeling task.  But Jared Creed, on the other hand, caused Cody to take a breather.  Jared was the high school crush that Cody never really got over and when she learned they would be working on this job together, all the burning desire that was buried deep inside resurfaced with a vengeance.  Will Cody be able to convince Jared that the passion they once shared so long ago wasn’t puppy love but the real thing?


Smooth Finish was a remarkable book I enjoyed reading.  I love stories where the hero and heroine have a history together.  It’s always exciting to see how a couple will deal with unresolved, hurtful issues from their past and how it might assist in molding their potential future.  Because of the way she had been treated in her past by men, Cody had a little self-esteem problem, but I am proud to say that Jared was the perfect man to raise Cody’s sense of worth as a woman to a whole new level.  This tale made me realized that if the same negative words were spoken often enough, they could greatly impact a person’s way of life – whether good or bad.  In addition to the growth of self-assurance, this story also contained a heated passion that set my soul on fire.  The chemistry that was showcased between Cody and Jared was intensely hot and lustfully romantic.  Overall, Smooth Finish was a tantalizing tale that greatly touched my heart and had me rooting for a happy outcome for Cody and Jared.



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