Sleeping with Ward Cleaver by Jenny Gardiner

Love Spell

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-0-505-52747-9

Reviewed by Barb



Claire Doolittle’s life has become a 50’s sitcom. Looking at her husband, all she feels is that she is married to Ward Cleaver. This does not thrill her in the least. Just when she thinks her life has become as regimented and controlled as it can get, fate starts to deal her a different hand.  A hand that includes Claire’s ex-fiancé, her best friend dating her boss and the young, attractive co-worker at her husband’s office. Not a good hand at all.

Ward Cleaver, oops, Jack Doolittle, is oblivious to what is happening around him. He likes the way his life is. It could be tweaked a bit but he does not want to rock the boat.

A mid-life crisis is going to shake Claire’s world. How will the dust settle?

Sleeping with Ward Cleaver starts off slow, but increases its momentum quickly. The characters are well-drawn and you find yourself feeling for them. Some of the feelings generated are good, some bad. But in the end, all the reader wants is a happily-ever-after for Claire and her life. Her growth as a person, with all its bumps, is a joy to read. Ms. Gardiner has written a satisfying, enjoyable romp, mixing 50’isms with contemporary romance.

Sleeping with Ward Cleaver teaches us that sometimes you just don’t see life until it hits you. 


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