Skin Deep by Marilyn Lee

Red Rose Publishing

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60435-042-5

Reviewed by Lisa



An up and coming engineer, Jake Volmer has just about everything a man could want, except the woman of his dreams.  Too bad Lea is married to his brother.

Because long distance relationships rarely work out Gabrielle Williams or Bree as everyone calls her, had said Ďgood-byeí to her old boyfriend months ago when he transferred to California.  By her own admission Bree is missing the ex and feeling kind of lonely these days.

Jake agrees to go on a blind date and canít help but wonder what Lea is thinking when he meets Bree.  Dating a black woman is fine but his ex and current sister-in-law knows heís attracted to women like her, tiny and fragile not tall and plump.  Bree is equally appalled because she instantly realizes Jake isnít into her the minute they meet. 

The strange thing is that Jake wants to see Bree again.  He canít explain why but he canít stop thinking about Bree and he wonít take no for an answer.    Meanwhile, Bree canít figure out why the gorgeous white guy wants to see the big, plain Jane, black girl once more and Lea is doing what she can to sabotage any further dating between them.  People are so complicated at times it can make your head spin!

Talented author Marilyn Lee delves into the human psyche and relationships in Skin Deep, an honest look at blind dates, opposite attractions and true love.  The responses between the characters felt real but unfortunately, I just couldnít believe that Bree would agree to see Jake again especially after the picnic.  I also felt that Jake was starting to act like a stalker rather than a legitimate lover and Bree seems too smart to put up with that.  Skin Deep lays bare some truths in dating but doesnít necessarily give readers a reason to want the jerk to get the girl even with a really good ending.


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