Sins of the Knight by Dawn Halliday

Torrid Tarot

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419914607

Reviewed by Indy



Having already suffered through one horrendous husband, Elena de Burgh, cousin to the King, prays for a short time of peace before she is forced to remarry. Her freedom is short lived, when her childhood friend, and Knight to the King, Sir Stephen de Verre comes to fetch her. Sent by his lord to bring Elena back so she can become betrothed to another would-be suitor Stephen finds it hard to keep his body under his control. Stephen knows his King will never agree to a union between him and Elena, but the passion they share canít be denied. Soon he will have to choose between his loyalty to the King and his love for the woman who destiny has made for only him.

During a time where men ruled with an iron sword and the desire to conquer Sins of the Knight is a whimsical romance about two lovers torn apart by their stations in life. Of royal blood you would think Elena would live a sheltered life but of course Sins of the Knight wouldnít have been as interesting if things were too comfortable. Dawn Halliday created a story filled with an honorable Knight and a damsel in distress. Now thatís where the story changes because even during times where women were fragile and needed protection there were strong women like Elena. Dainty but still sharp and willing to do whatever it took to keep her and the ones she loved safe. It was interesting to see how Ms. Halliday allowed forgiveness from the heroine and showed how even the strongest of men are prone to weakness on occasion. This was a great tale and one Iím sure I will take the time to read again.


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