Sinnerís Delight by Melissa Schroeder

Bounty Hunters Inc.: Book 1

Loose Id

Futuristic Action Adventure

ISBN: 978-1-59632-224-0

Reviewed by Sabella



Sasha Petosky is no ordinary madam.  Hell, she is no ordinary woman.  When a prominent patron is murdered in her club Sasha is bound and determined to protect her reputation and her club, but the last thing she expects is to become the prime suspect in the murder investigation.  Now, Sasha has to convince the police that she had nothing to do with the murder, and  also somehow evade the goons after her for some stolen documents of the murder victim.  In the middle of it all, in walks the very attractive Raphael Vicentes determined to protect her from all the dangers surrounding Sasha Ė but only as part of his job.  What will happen when these two stubborn people realize that they canít remain as dispassionate about each other as theyíd like?

Bounty Hunters Inc: Sinnerís Delight is a very entertaining sensual tale.  Sasha is a strong woman that has made herself from the ground up and she is not going to let anyone bring her back down.  However, she hides a vulnerable side that only Raphael seems to see. He sees the real Sasha and likes her just fine, but Sasha has to have the courage to let him love her.  Raphael is a strong Alpha male that has a soft side that makes him very appealing from the very first glimpse we get of him.  As these two come together and undoubtedly clash the fireworks are a lot of fun to watch and the passion they share is hot enough to leave you sweating.  The murder mystery is the basis of the story and an interesting backdrop for the romance.  However, the motivations behind the characterís actions felt convoluted and sometimes hard to follow, making the plot resolution feel a little irrelevant.  That said, Bounty Hunters Inc: Sinnerís Delight is a very entertaining and sexy book, perfect as a distraction from every day life.


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