Sidelined by Love by Ana Aragón

The Wild Rose Press


ISBN: 1-60154-186-4

Reviewed by Raine



Her fiancé cheats on her right before their wedding, so Gaby Flores leaves her job and fiancé, heading back to her hometown of Logan Springs. There she raises bunnies and worms, farms the compost, and raises hybrid dahlias to sell over the Internet. She thinks she is happy until an ex from high school comes back to haunt her.

Brock Logan has made it big in real-estate investments. He’s come back to his home town with a huge development project to bring jobs and money into the area. What he thinks will be a great opportunity for Logan Springs, his lost love Gaby finds opposition for him at every turn. In an effort to make this work, the community council pairs them up to work out a compromise that will benefit the community and the environment.

Gaby and Brock still desire each other greatly, but after being heartbroken ten years ago, both are a little hesitant to take it past some no-strings sex. But best

laid plans don’t always come off as planned, and they both find themselves falling again but not trusting where it’s taking them. Sidelined by Love is an emotional roller-coaster as these two conquer old and new ghosts. Ana Aragón wrote wonderful characters who are so easy to fall in love with. The journey through Gaby and Brock’s romance is a myriad of emotions and I think anyone who reads romance will just love Sidelined by Love.


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