Shifting Perspectives by Emily Veinglory, Fiola Glass, and T.A . Chase

Aspen Mountain Press

Gay Romance Anthology

ISBN: (13) 978-1-60168-065-5

Reviewed by Sabella



“Understanding Forgiveness” by T.A. Chase

Mason has been guarding his own back since he escaped the compound where shifters like him were created and experimented on.  Will he trust when a stranger offers him a helping hand?

“Understanding Forgiveness” is an interesting story about overcoming adversity and how overcoming the past can lead to unexpectedly good places.


“Feathered Friend” by Fiona Glass

Charlie has been racing birds his whole life and he knows his birds as well as if they were his children.  When a strange bird finds his way into Charlie’s coop and into Charlie’s heart will he be able to set him free?

In “Feathered Friend” Charlie learns the truth of the adage – if you love someone set them free and in the end he gets an unexpected reward.


“The Rat Burglar” by Emily Veinglory

Sandy is has fought hard to not be overwhelmed by any one in his life to the point that he loses himself – but when he meets Rudy that’s exactly what he fears will happen…

“The Rat Burglar” is a funny and intriguing tale where the shifter turns into a group of rats.  Sandy and Rudy are interesting men and I look forward to reading more about them.


Shifting Perspectives is a good collection of shifter stories than highlights unusual shifters and their talents.  Taken as a whole this is a good anthology that brings together proven authors but the editing was haphazard leaving many basic errors in grammar and in the over all flow of the individual stories.  Shifting Perspectives is a fun and unusual group of stories that will entertain as they delight.


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