She-Roe by Dakota Cassidy

Loose Id

Urban Fantasy and Comedy

ISBN: 978-1-59632-618-7

Reviewed by Tanya



Andy Greer is home one night using a sea kelp facial and relaxing when The Collector shows up at her door.  It seems she is being “collected” by The Association for the Advancement of All American Heroes (AAAAH for short) and they are convinced she is not only the daughter of the most notorious superhero of all time but she must have superpowers herself. Yeah, right.  She protests, but The Collector does his job, and she wakes up in an unknown bed and no given any choice but to participate in the training.

Clarke Khent aka The Collector is not only one of the hottest crime fighters ever but he seems to be developing a soft spot for Andy and her plight.  But he tells her she must complete the training no matter what she really wants to do.  She is assured that if she really doesn’t have any superpowers then she will be released...oh yeah, taken back to her old apartment.

One thing that Andy knows for sure is that she has no superpowers.  The second is that The Collector is one hot stud and she wants him.  When he seems to want her too, she follows her instincts.

But is Andy really the descendent of a superhero?  Does she have powers she doesn’t know about?  More importantly, will the super stud Clarke want to keep seeing her if she flunks out?

She-Roe is a laugh out loud spoof on superheroes from the first page.  Ms. Cassidy comes up with the superhero that has no powers, and no one will believe her.  But she just might find true love with the smokin' hot guy sent to collect her.  Each situation is funnier than the last and you won't believe what a grilled cheese sandwich just might get you.  If you want a "laugh out loud", spicy love story with a "kick butt and take no crap" from anyone, even superheroes, leading lady then She-Roe is the ebook for you.


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