Sex Me Slow by Tainna Xander and Bonnie Rose Leigh

Children of the Triad – Book 4

eXtasy Books

Shapeshifter/Sci-Fi/Ménage Romance

ISBN: 978-1-55487-014-1

Reviewed by Tanya



Storm Vanier is one of the children of the original triads formed by the Goddess to help save the universe.  While he is a strong warrior, he is starting to lose faith that he will ever take a mate.  That is until he catches the scent of Felicity Sorrell.  One scent and his inner bear and lion know without a doubt she is his mate.  Now he will just have to keep his mind on his current assignment and then convince her of what is destiny.

Felicity is a highly trained Amazonian warrior.  What she isn’t trained for is her immediate attraction to Storm and the thoughts he is making her and her libido think.  She decides that she just might have to initiate sex with him so that she can concentrate on the mission they are sent on.  The two of them are to find and rescue two of her warrior sisters who were kidnapped by an evil Hienial traitor and terminate the traitor.

When the hunt leads them to an unknown world, they are both stunned to stumble on Brandt Somanta.  Brandt knows instantly Felicity is his mate to be, but she is already the mate of another so he resigns himself to helping them and letting her go.  You see Brandt has just awakened from stasis after a number of centuries.  He is a non-evil Hieniel and may hold the key to setting things right in the universe.

Can they work together to save the two women warriors?  More importantly, what plans does the Goddess have for them, and will Brandt be able to accept a triad?

Sex Me Slow is the latest installment in the Children of the Triad series, and a wonderful addition at that.  I am still pulled into each and every story by this skilled team of writers, and I can hardly wait for the next chapter in the universe they have created.  Add to this the fact that these two can write some amazing sex scenes and you have everything you need for a winning story.  I am intrigued by the fact that each story seems to have something new and different in the way the triad is formed, and how they fit into the overall scheme of things.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Amazonian woman’s strength and how her men easily accept this.  Additionally the information about the Hienial people’s history and their connection in the universe help to pull a lot of other storylines into place.  Sex Me Slow is yet another reason I snatch up all that is written by this duo.


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