Sex Me Replete-Children of the Triad-Book 3 by Tianna Xander and Bonnie Rose Leigh

eXtasy Books

Shapeshifters, Ménage, Science Fiction, Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-55487-004-2

Reviewed by Patrice F.



As captain and leader of the Inquisitor, Jerineau Arden is solely responsible for the survival of her people.    Many sacrifices have been made, leaving Jerineau with a deep sense of responsibility and grief at the loss of Amazonian lives.  For the Amazonians, young unmated males are practically nonexistent.   When the Inquisitor malfunctions and crash lands on an uncharted planet, Jerineau goes from having no prospects to nearly being overwhelmed by three males all seeking to claim her as their mate.

High Prince Michel Dare’s dual heritage is Savari and Carrillian.  This means he is more than a match for Jerineau—and his future bond mates, the Halfling Hienial twins, Roman and Royce.  It is in the alpha trio’s best interests to compromise and to work together to bring the Amazonian leader closer to accepting them as her mates.  The Amazonians are practical in their use for males as breeding stock, not as potential life-long partners.  Jerineau is in for life-altering change that will leave her breathless and craving more.

Sex Me Replete is a continuation of the Triad series, which means I would advise reading the series from the beginning, starting with the first book, Sex Me Up.  The plot was solid and progressive.  Ms. Xander and Ms. Leigh burn up the pages of Sex Me Replete with a ménage a quarto this time without missing a step.  Jerineau is dedicated to her mission and capable as a warrior and leader.  Michel Dare and the twins, Roman and Royce, work as a strong, loving unit and treat Jerineau as an equal while asserting dominance in the bedroom—in a good way.  Overall, this ongoing series will titillate Ms. Xander and Ms. Leigh’s Triad series fans, while entertaining anyone who wants to explore a work that is original and enjoyable.


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