Sex Me Fast by Tianna Xander and Bonnie Rose Leigh

Children of the Triad

eXtasy Books

Fantasy, Science Fiction, Shape shifter, Ménage a trios

ISBN: 978-1-55487-039-4

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Mercy Lawton has no use for the male species.  Her feelings are more than justified after she and her sister were kidnapped by a diseased Hienial.    When the Goddess declares Mercy as her next Chosen, she knows there has to be a mistake.   Mercy’s first priority is to track down and destroy the scum that tormented her and brutalized her sibling.   Being mated doesn’t add into her plan.

Timon Kirkan and Nicolau Pritton have been at one another’s throats since childhood.  The Goddess must be losing her touch to place them in a triad.  If they can overcome their differences, the hot-blooded Hienials can use the combined force of sex appeal and mutual attraction to draw Mercy in and claim her.  Mercy is Amazonian to the teeth and her experience hasn’t prepped her for Tim and Nico’s fierce determination and bedroom skills.  

Sex Me Fast fell weak on substance.  Everything seemed easily resolved, lacking depth when it came down to the relationships and character development.  I found it difficult to accept that after years and years of rivalry and hatred, that Timon and Nicolau could so quickly (and effortlessly) settle their differences without bonding through struggle and sacrifice to win one another’s trust.   Mercy is used as the cementing incentive for the men.  My guess, in this instance, is the use of old adage of “enemies make the best allies”.

I had an even more difficult time believing that Mercy would simply trust any Hienial after the hell she and her sister experienced.   Hienials have various powers that Mercy was subjected to.  She should have been more uneasy around Timon and Nicolau.  There were a couple scenes where Tim and Nico prove their loyalty and love to Mercy, but the way in which it was described didn’t seem realistic to me.  Sex Me Fast did have few areas detailing how the triad bonding occurs and affects the mates but it still wasn’t enough to cover all the bases.

Ms. Xander and Ms. Leigh always deliver the goods when it comes to blazing sex with hotter-than-hell men.   Sadly, ferocious sex alone does not redeem a story, unless that’s all you’re in it for.  Unlike the stronger framework of the preceding Sex Me Replete, Sex Me Fast left me feeling unsatisfied.  Call me cynical or say I had high expectations, somewhere along the way I fell behind when the plot jumped to hyperspace.


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